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Personal Project -Recreate the Masters

I’ve read many articles on how photographers can learn more and better their craft.  Many of these centre around having personal goals or projects to immerse themselves in, the aim is to push boundaries, shooting more and so improve!

A few years ago I did a 365 project (taking and posting on image everyday for a year), I have to admit I found it very difficult and more than once ended up pretty much just lifting my camera up and pressing the shutter and hoping for the best – in other words just shooting for shooting sake, and not putting enough thought and preparation into it.

So for 2017 I didn’t want to do a project so in-depth, and time consuming.  Also I didn’t want it to turn into a chore!  So I’ve called it “Recreate the Masters”, this is fairly loose term, but what I will do is find images I like and aim to recreate them, but also make them mine!

First on my list ,and why I decided to do this, was Da Vinci’s Man drawing.


Years a go, my first photoshoot that I organised to be honest, i shot with Phil Bruce and one of the images we did an online friend said you should try the Da Vinci man.  Fast forward a few years, and now I’ve done it!  I contacted him again, and asked if he’d be my model for this shoot, after a few questions we organised date and time and he was on board!  In the couple of weeks that intervened we also agreed to try some other shots too.

It was great doing a photoshoot with Phil again, I feel like I’ve improved tons since the first shoot I did with him, and really pleased with the results.

Below is the Da Vinci image we did, and the other ideas we had – I hope you like them.  Next on my list is the “Scream” image, and a Vettriano image.  If you have any suggestions for shots, wold like to be a model for one of them or can help with location, make-up or wardrobe then please send me a message!

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