» What is your favourite button on your camera?

What is your favourite button on your camera?

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well?

I read lots of blogs and comments from photographer, and one of the subjects that invariably crop up is around gear.  You have your age long debate around Nikon verses Canon (as well as other manufactures), the use of full frame or cropped sensor, and then you could spend many a evening on the pro’s and cons of certain lenses.

Well I recently came across a completely new one for me – “What is your most favourite button on your camera?”  I’m thinking this one is quite subjective, I could say the Programme Button as you need to be able to select the correct one for the images you are going to take, but once the image is taken you can alter a lot of things in post processing.

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The White Balance is a pretty important one, as you don’t want your image to be too warm or too cold looking.  Recently though post processing software has become really sophisticated and these also can be changed in post processing.

Thinking long and hard about it, in post processing you can change a lot of an image.  This is thanks to digital cameras and great post processing tools.  So is there any button on your camera that is better than all the rest?

Well, for me yes.  Once you have dialled in all the correct settings to get the image you have in your head and capture that on film, or on to your SD card.  Once you have configured your light set up to get just that look you are after and set the scene exactly how you need it……well only then can you press that little magic button that takes the white balance you selected, the apterure you dialled in and shutter speed you choose.  Pressing that shutter button, captures everything, only then does the magic happen, only then have you created a photograph.

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