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Self Image

Self image is how you see yourself, its like a photo snapshot if you like. It is purely your perception thats comes from your values, morals, how you look, your skills and what your might be confident or not so confident in. Your self image can also be tainted by how others see you. If something is said to you, or you see on TV enough it eventually becomes fixed in your mind.

Growing up I didn’t hear the term Gay or Lesbian used much, but when it was it was never in connection with anything positive! It was when AIDS and HIV+ first got lots of media attention, or stories about gay bashing or an article of someone loosing their job because of their sexuality – that’s when I heard about it. I might have things jumbled in my head, but I just don’t remember any positive, happy stories form the LGBT world.

Just imagine growing up with that negative communication coming to you, and then that realisation that you are gay, and all that communication is about your sexuality – its about you! Its no wander people still have issues today coming out about their sexuality. Yes, I agree that things have come a long way since I was a child in the 70’s and 80’s, but their is still a lot of prejudice in the work place and society as whole today. When, my then boyfriend, and I bought our first house together I went to my car one morning to find the words “Gay” and “You suck d**k” scratched into the paint work of my car, and that was only 5 years ago.

So please, talk openly to your children, friends or work colleagues about LGBT. I’m not saying preach….I just mean acknowledge it, and talk about it, and consider it a good and positive thing that it is! Think my parents went red in the face, spluttered a few words and made a hasty retreat into another room each time the subject came up on TV.  As a society we are moving on from that, but I think there is still much work to do.  The more people who understand that LGBT people are born with their sexuality that way, and that its simply different, not right or wrong ….the better.

Thanks everyone! x

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