» Why I love photography!

Why I love photography!

My mum was artist, watercolour, oils, acrylics and also pastels. Over the years I’d tried drawing, pastels and painting, but just didn’t take to any of them. In my 30’s I starting seeing Chris (now my husband) who introduced me to Adobe Photoshop. I was captivated on how you could put together an image using parts of other pictures and make it your own creation.

After a while using photoshop I realised how limiting it was only using images provided by someone else. At around the same time my brother emigrated to New Zealand, Chris, my Mum and I all went out to see if for a 3 week holiday. Chris had his camera and showed me how changing the aperture, iso or shutter speed could alter the image. I was smitten – while we were in New Zealand I bought my first camera. It was a compact but you could change aperture, iso and shutter speed and it had a little tripod too. I loved it, and found I loved Photoshop more because I was using aspects of my own images to come up with new creations. It didn’t take long until I bit the bullet and bought a DSLR – I look at various models, and due to a £500 cash back offer I bought a Nikon D5000.

I soon got speaking to various people on twitter about photography and photoshop, and quickly realised that i need to learn more about composition and what makes a great image. It really helped, and found my photography improved immensely. I stuck to doing landscapes or architecture shots – architecture being my favourite. I got myself a Flickr account and started posting my images their, twitter and facebook. To my amazement people liked them….and I found there was nothing like that “Wow” comment that I sometimes got. I then decided I wanted to join some sort of club, to meet fellow photographers and improve. I went along to a couple of camera clubs….but the ones I went to simply just talked about photography….and I wanted do photography. Eventually I found Welshot Images. The guys at Welshot did training in various forms of photography and it was here i first did portraits. They showed me how to set up lighting (studio or speedlights), and how to set up for different looks. The majority of models were female, but on one evening a male model turned up. I loved working with him, and getting an image that I look at the back of the camera at and thought….”Wow”….I took that. I went home and edited the images and sent them to the model….he loved them. I posted them on various sites and got similar responses.

From that point I’d found my niche and built up my confidence working with models until I started to advertise – my first client was great, I was super nervous but as soon as you get that “wow” comment back and you know the client loves the images, that’s when I know my job is done!

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