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Holiday fitness and diet regime.

I’m currently on holiday in a gorgeous part of France called Vix near La Rochelle.  As you may have read in previous posts, my husband (Christian) and I have a great PT (Jack) he said I should relax and enjoy the holiday but try and have some excercise and try not to go overboard with food
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Leeds Architecture

Had a great time last weekend in Leeds. Whilst there took the opportunity to shoot some architecture, which is something we try and do with any city visited. Try and research before going to a big city and identify the iconic buildings of that place. Leeds architecture seems very reminiscent of Manchester’s being predominantly Victorian.
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Views from the Lake District.

I’ve just come back from a great week in the Lake District. Below are four images I’ve finished processing, hope you like them! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it, please consider leaving a comment below or using the social button. Twitter: @msandsphoto | Mobile: 07595 049156 | Email: mark@msandsphotography.com

The Walls of York

Hi Folks, A couple of weeks ago we went on a lovely weekend break in York.  Whilst there I went on a lovely Sunday morning walk around the city walls.  It was a crisp, bright and vibrant  morning, a pleasure to be outside.  Hope you like my shots, and as always I’d love to hear
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Rome – Cruise – 201110

Here are some more shots from our recent cruise holiday last month.  This time we visited Rome.  We have streets of Rome, and sunsets.  Hope you like them!

Lucca, Italy – Oct 2011

Whilst on our holiday we visited Lucca in Italy.  We woke up in the morning on the cruise shop to dark and turbulent looking sky.  The town of Lucca wasn’t too far away and the weather soon improved.  Thanks for looking at my images, and I hope you like 🙂 Thanks.

Beach time – Spain 2011

Hi all, Here is the next instalment of our Spain holiday.  We had a beach day, and I took a stroll to see what shots I could take.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

Walk in the Mountains – Cosgayer, Spain

The next part of our holiday blog we went up in a Cable Car  to the top of a Mountain.  As you can see from our walk back down it was beautiful scenery, the walk was slightly longer than we expected, but got a great sense of accomplishment when completed! Hope you enjoy the images
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Spanish Holiday – Cosgaya

Hi, The next update to your holiday took us onto a town called Cosgaya. This is a beautiful town nestled in the mountains. Here are a couple of pictures taken on your journey to the town.   Next are some shots of the our first walk around the town itself showing some of the views
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Spanish Holiday – End of Madrid

Hi Guys, Here are some more shots from the first part of our holiday in Spain.  This post sees that last of the Madrid shots. The first shots was a map of the world we saw, that been made out of scrap paper stuck to a wall  – very bizzar but I thought created by
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