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After all the wind and rain thats predominated our weather recently it was great to see the coast looking so great!!

Leeds Architecture

Had a great time last weekend in Leeds. Whilst there took the opportunity to shoot some architecture, which is something we try and do with any city visited. Try and research before going to a big city and identify the iconic buildings of that place. Leeds architecture seems very reminiscent of Manchester’s being predominantly Victorian.
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Media City UK at Night.

Media City UK, in Salford is a great location. At night it’s a completely different place to during the day as the bridges and building light up and give the area a completely different characteristic.

Crosby Beach

Went to Crosby Beach tester, a place that I’ve wanted to go for years!! We checked out the tide time, and the weather forecast and decided that it was a good a time as any. So I grabbed my camera and tripod and off we set. I think you will agree it was worth the
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