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Do you need a Personal Trainer?

Hi Guys, In Nov / Dec last year I started with Personal Trainer Jack Sargent at my gym.  I’d spent a long time thinking that engaging the services of a PT were an unnecessary expense and you could get the desired results without them.  So, what changed my mind?  Well various things did if I’m
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How to take better photo’s – Part 3

Patterns and textures Patterns can be found in nature and man-made constructions, pretty much anywhere!  These are essentially repeated colours, shapes or objects and can be very pleasing to the eye of the view.  The patterns can be the main focus of your image or as a backdrop to  a focal point.  It really helps
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A while ago I made a sea food chowder. I saved the shells from the clams (I think) and thought….I’ll photograph them later! Well, I’m not sure how long ago that was…but eventually I’ve done what I said 🙂

Heart Warming Stew

Hiya guys, We haven’t had a very cold winter (so far), but one thing I love is a good Stew! I remember as a young child my Mum cooking a heart warming stew for my Dad, brother and I to eat after building snowmen in snow. For me you can’t get a better comfort food
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Manchester Christmas Market

Took my first trip of the year to the Christmas Market in Manchester today. Thought I would go on a Monday morning thinking it would be fairly quiet, how wrong I was!!! It was bustling with eager shopper trying to get their shopping done nice and early, as well as people wanting to try the
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Canal Day 2013

A group of us rented a Canal Boat for the day yesterday. We’ve done it for a few years now, and its great because all you can do is sit back, eat, drink and relax!

Purple Flower

Been playing around with borders today in Photoshop. Came across a great tutorial from TipSquirrel that gave a tutorial for hand painted borders, my example is below, have to say I love the result. Please follow the link here to see for yourself!

Salford Quay – Food Festival

When I think of Bank Holidays I always conjure up an image of a cold, wet drab and dreary day. Well, it a May Bank Holiday and the weather has been a complete contrast to that – warm and sunny!! Been fantastic!! I drove past Salford Quays and the Lowry shopping centre on Saturday and
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Beauty…..is an orchid ;)

Day at the Races.

One of the first sunny and warm Saturdays this year and I had a day at Bangor Races with my in-laws. Picnic, wine and horses were enjoyed on a glorious Spring day, lets hope there are many more days like this, this year!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend too, what have you been up to?

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