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Book cover photo shoot!

Sometimes ,when you get chatting to someone, you just don’t know what it’s going to lead too. I had an idea for a location shoot (which still hasn’t be realised on the moors above Bacup, Lancashire) that I wanted to do, so had issued a cast call on PurplePort to find a suitable models (PurplePort
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Purple Flower

Been playing around with borders today in Photoshop. Came across a great tutorial from TipSquirrel that gave a tutorial for hand painted borders, my example is below, have to say I love the result. Please follow the link here to see for yourself!

Photoshop day

Hi All!, Spend this morning messing around with Photoshop today.  Picked two random photo’s I’ve taken and experimented until I came up with the following :- Once I’d finished I though it looked like a scene out of Dr Who, or am I talking rubbish?

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