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High Quality Social Media Headshots

Hi! The use of social media for small business is on the raise, it doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling there is a place for it on social media. Having a Facebook, twitter or website for your business is one things, but attracting and creating sales is another! I’ve read many a blogs and
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Benefits and Effects of Massage

A few time now I’ve heard that getting regular sports massages had preventative benefit to getting injury.  So instead of taking this at face value, I wanted to look into this a bit more and find out for myself if this was true (you never know this could be ploy my the massage industry to
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The Power of Images

Hello! I’ve read a fair few articles recently talking about how images enhance sales, and give a human element to online business. Recently I was sent an article from Steven Thompson MD at BIGDaddyPR (Twitter – @MrSteThompson – @BIGDaddyPR1 www.bigdaddypr.co.uk). You can read the articles he sent HERE – The item talks about your personal
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What should you wear at the gym.

When I go to thy gym I see all sorts of people, from teenager on a mission to get ripped all the way through to 80/90 years olds wanting to keep mobile and active.  Along with this I also so a huge variety of clothing.  During my trips to the gym, I see people wearing
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Resident Photographer

Hi all, I’m pleased to announce that, from today, I am the resident photographer for David Lloyd Leisure, Manchester.  To say I’m over the moon is an understatement! For the last couple of years I’ve aimed to become a Fitness Industry photographer.  This encompasses Fitness/Physique Models, Personal Trainers, sports men and women, and then all
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How images help increase your online sales – Part 2

Hi guys, hope this post finds you well! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how images can help you sell products more effectively on line. This weeks I want to go more in-depth about what sort of images work well etc. So, in the last post on this subject I talked
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How images can increase sales – part 1

Facebook and twitter are amongst the top ranking social online platforms at the moment, and for people leveraging that to promote their brand and increase online sales its a very important platform.  Both sites now promote uploading images and ,through various studies, the engagement of these posts is much higher that those that don’t have read more
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