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Prices and Services

Fitness and Physique photography developed just for you

Fitness / Physique photography is a fantastic art form, and takes lots of dedication from both the model and photographer. Our services and prices reflect the time and energy we put into every photoshoot. We know the effort and dedication you put into achieving your physique so we know how important it is to you that you do it justice. We work with you to get the perfect images, and make sure you get the look that you’re aiming for no matter what the images are going to be used for.
We are versatile in our style of shooting and it all depends on what end result you’re after. If you do not have a specific idea in mind we can help you decide on what you want to make sure you select the best service for your goals.
In this sense we have the following photoshoot options:

Gym Shoot

Basically, this means I will follow you around with my camera and lights as you do a normal work out routine, while we decide the best angles and exercises for your body’s strong points to really stand out. Make sure to bring your best gym outfits, if possible, they should be neutral in colour and design as too many textures, logos and colours would detract the focus from you. You are encouraged to bring any kind of props you like (i.e. boxing gloves, etc.) and think about these and how they can best be used.

• £100/1 hr – approx. 15 images
• £170/2 hrs – approx. 25 images
(Just make sure you get the gym’s consent to shoot on their premises in plenty of time!)

Studio Shoot

We have a great mobile studio set up that can be brought to you or you can come to our home studio. If we decide to use a local studio, then that can be accommodated at an extra fee. In this relaxed atmosphere we can create some great concepts showing your physique off to its best in poses that work for you.

• £130/1 hr – approx. 15 images
• £210/2 hrs – approx. 25 images

Location Shoot

This is a service that is more creative and effective, as we can select a location together depending upon means, travel expenses and so on, which we will decide upon in advance. Lights, props, change of clothing and scenery are all very much encouraged.

• £150 – no less than 2 hrs – no. of images will be at the client’s choice
• £240 – 3 up to 4 hrs – no. of images will be at the client’s choice

Combination of the above packages: Negotiable – depending on your specific needs, possibility of gym, studio, location, travel expenses, time consumed, etc.



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