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Can music affect your workout?

I’ve recently been intrigued on how music can affect our mood after reading  a few articles which talk about the “Mozart Effect”.  This was about music, specifically Mozarts Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, improving the brains function.  However, this was disputed, but it was confirmed that music is very primal to all our
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Do you need a Personal Trainer?

Hi Guys, In Nov / Dec last year I started with Personal Trainer Jack Sargent at my gym.  I’d spent a long time thinking that engaging the services of a PT were an unnecessary expense and you could get the desired results without them.  So, what changed my mind?  Well various things did if I’m
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What should you wear at the gym.

When I go to thy gym I see all sorts of people, from teenager on a mission to get ripped all the way through to 80/90 years olds wanting to keep mobile and active.  Along with this I also so a huge variety of clothing.  During my trips to the gym, I see people wearing
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Gym Photoshoot – Front Line Fit

Happy new year everyone!!  I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and new year. Just before Christmas I did a photoshoot for Holly, who had just finished a transformational programme with Sheldon Oscar, and had decided to aim toward a photoshoot to mark the end. Sheldon had booked Front Line Fit as the location for the shoot –
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Resident Photographer

Hi all, I’m pleased to announce that, from today, I am the resident photographer for David Lloyd Leisure, Manchester.  To say I’m over the moon is an understatement! For the last couple of years I’ve aimed to become a Fitness Industry photographer.  This encompasses Fitness/Physique Models, Personal Trainers, sports men and women, and then all
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Need a goal for your gym training – work towards a Photo Shoot!

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Kleon (photographically).  Kleon has now completed a body transformation program run by Simon Hall – Body Composition Consultant.  This consisted of 12 weeks focusing on muscle and then 10 weeks leaning down, with this all ending in a photoshoot. As with anything you want to
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Book cover photo shoot!

Sometimes ,when you get chatting to someone, you just don’t know what it’s going to lead too. I had an idea for a location shoot (which still hasn’t be realised on the moors above Bacup, Lancashire) that I wanted to do, so had issued a cast call on PurplePort to find a suitable models (PurplePort
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Fitness and Physique photo shoot images.

Hi All, Hope you are all well? Here is a new photo slideshow done showing off my fitness / physique images – get in touch now to booking your photo shoot?

Fitness and Physique photo shoots.

Hi guys, Hope you are all doing well? I wanted to let you all know what a fantastic few days I have just had! After a lot of organising I’ve just had the pleasure of doing photo shoots for two fitness clients over the past few days. The first was for a personal trainer at
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Spinathon – Sports Relief

Sport relief is a great idea. Good for raising funds, and great for getting people active! Got to know quite a few of the staff at my local David Lloyd Gym, and when the sports relief event was coming up, they asked me come along and photography it – I jumped at the chance to
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