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How do I pose for my Fitness Photoshoot

When I’m booked by a budding Fitness Model, or by a personal trainer who is organising a shoot for his client to mark the end of a transformational programme I’m often asked the same question.  “How do I pose for my Fitness Photoshoot?” What I always say is you need to practice first.  Look on
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Resident Photographer

Hi all, I’m pleased to announce that, from today, I am the resident photographer for David Lloyd Leisure, Manchester.  To say I’m over the moon is an understatement! For the last couple of years I’ve aimed to become a Fitness Industry photographer.  This encompasses Fitness/Physique Models, Personal Trainers, sports men and women, and then all
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Christmas is coming!

Getting a Christmas image for this year Christmas card, or to post on social media is a great way of celebrating with your online followers (and can’t hurt attracting more people to follow you). Get in touch with me today to see how we can produce the perfect Christmas image for you to share this
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Need a goal for your gym training – work towards a Photo Shoot!

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Kleon (photographically).  Kleon has now completed a body transformation program run by Simon Hall – Body Composition Consultant.  This consisted of 12 weeks focusing on muscle and then 10 weeks leaning down, with this all ending in a photoshoot. As with anything you want to
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Fit Factor 2015 (BodyPower)

Was at the Body Power Expo in NEC Birmingham last weekend.  Wow, what a great experience. I watched the Fit Factor competition and it really is awe inspiring some of the physiques out there, I think they all deserved to win! I’ve uploaded the male contestant images, if you are one of the contestants and
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Book cover photo shoot!

Sometimes ,when you get chatting to someone, you just don’t know what it’s going to lead too. I had an idea for a location shoot (which still hasn’t be realised on the moors above Bacup, Lancashire) that I wanted to do, so had issued a cast call on PurplePort to find a suitable models (PurplePort
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Fitness and Physique photo shoot images.

Hi All, Hope you are all well? Here is a new photo slideshow done showing off my fitness / physique images – get in touch now to booking your photo shoot?

Personal Trainers and Fitness Models

Hi, Are you looking promote yourself as a Personal Trainer, or do you dream of being a fitness model? Then its essential that you have high quality, professional photographs that show your body at its best. I’m a photographer, and can produce the images you are after to promote yourself. This can be done at
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Fitness, Physique and Underwear Modelling

Hi Folks, While attending a Welshot event at Hallam Mill I met Phil Bruce. We got in contact on Facebook and Twitter after the event, and ended up making plans to do a shoot. Phil wants to get into Fitness, Physique and Underwear modelling, and wanted me to be his photographer. The date was set
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Model Shoot – 3

Hi, Here is the 3rd model we had a pleasure to shoot on the SnapShot day with Welshot Images.  This time we went outside the hotel and used our surroundings as the studio.  It really opened my eyes that you can use alsorts of locations to shoot it, and they don’t need to be glamorous!

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